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Relocating to California: 10 Tips and Tricks

Relocating to California: 10 Tips and Tricks

If you’re planning to make the big move to California this year, there’s a number of things you should know before you take the plunge and head to the Golden State with your family. You and your loved ones will be living the good life under the golden California sun in no time once you follow these tidbits of advice to make your move a seamless process. Whether you’re coming from another state or country, read through these 10 tips and tricks for relocating to California and enjoy the journey of finding a place to live in the state.

  1. Invest in a Car

    You’ll most likely need to acquire your own car to live in California comfortably, as your access to public transportation will be limited in some parts of the state.

  2. Brush Up on Your Spanish

    Even if you took a couple years of Spanish in high school, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the language to make the most of living in this part of the country.

  3. Prepare for Higher Taxes

    California residents face high income taxes, which means you should get ready to give a large portion of your earnings to the state government every year.

  4. Consider Natural Disasters

    Once you’ve made the decision to move to California, you’ll have to keep hazards like wildfires and earthquakes in mind when investing in homeowners insurance.

  5. Save Your Money

    The cost of living is high in California, yet you can be prepared to handle extra expenses if you put away a good chunk of money before heading to the Golden State.

  6. Get Ready for Freeway Traffic

    While you’re choosing the location of your new home in California, consider your work schedule and the possibility of getting stuck in traffic on the freeway.

  7. Expect a lot of Visitors

    One of the perks of living in California is that your friends and family will want to come visit, which requires you to make sure you have adequate space for guests.

  8. Buy a New House

    Given that finding housing is an obstacle you’ll face when moving to California, you’ll have to work with a local real estate agent to secure your own place easily.

  9. Eat More Produce

    California is one of the country’s main agricultural hubs, so you’ll gain access to an array of local farms and farmer’s markets that can help you adopt a healthy diet.

  10. Explore the Great Outdoors

    Because California is home to a whole host of national and state parks, you’ll get to discover the state even while on a budget through hiking and walking close to home.

These 10 tips and tricks for relocating to California are essential pieces of advice when you’re looking for guidance leading up to your big move to the Golden State. Whether you’re a recent college graduate searching for a job or a retiree hoping to get some peace and quiet, this state has a range of real estate opportunities for any kind of prospective resident. I would be happy to speak with you in more detail about the process of moving to California, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and advice today.