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Gardening for Newbies: Upgrading Your Yard on a Budget

If you’re looking for new ways to take your yard to the next level this year, there’s a number of projects you can try even when you’re new to gardening in southern California. You can take a chance without breaking the bank once you find creative ways to transform your home’s outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes your whole family will love this season. When you’re ready to try your hand at gardening for newbies and upgrade your yard on a budget, discover these ideas to cultivate a beautiful, welcoming space around your house.

  • Lay Down Stepping Stones

    You’ll spend more time roaming your yard once you start honing your gardening skills, so place stepping stones that’ll guide you to and from your garden.

  • Display Your Plant Collection

    If you have an assortment of plants in small containers building up around your yard, place them together on a set of shelves to make them the focus of your space.

  • Soften Your Hardscaping with Groundcovers

    The walkways, edging and more that run throughout your yard will maintain a more natural look when you plant blooming groundcovers that surround them.

  • Choose Annuals Over Perennials

    For the first-time gardeners who are looking to add color to their yards on the cheap, you can enjoy a more vibrant garden when you invest in annuals this season.

  • Grow Climbing Roses

    A batch of climbing roses is a sophisticated way to combine your garden with your yard’s decor, as they’ll wind around nearby structures and stretch toward the sky.

  • Carve a Path Into a Hill

    In the event that your garden runs alongside a rolling hill, you can build a path or set of stairs into the landscape to guide people throughout your backyard.

  • Opt for a Vertical Garden

    You have the option to take your garden off of the ground when growing succulents in southern California by installing a vertical garden on any open wall.

  • Choose Colorful Pots

    While you’re growing plants in your backyard, you can take your gardening to the next level by integrating the design of each pot into your yard’s overall look.

  • Install a Backyard Fountain

    Your yard should start to attract wildlife to once you garden is in full bloom, so incorporate a fountain into its design to treat the neighborhood birds.

  • Cultivate an Espaliered Tree

    When you’re looking for a way to spruce up an open wall or fence in your yard, grow an espaliered tree, which you can shape while it grows and produces fruit.

This guide to gardening for newbies is an excellent way to upgrade your yard on a budget and improve the appeal of the living spaces around your southern California home. When you take the time to learn more about the different plants you can introduce to your yard and design techniques you can adopt in turn, you’ll learn how to maximize your space. I would be happy to share my favorite tips and tricks for gardening in this part of California, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about yard maintenance today.