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DIY Decor: Simple Home Projects You Can Do Without Any Power Tools

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your southern California home, there’s a number of simple home projects you can do without any power tools for easy DIY decor this season. You can use this list of home improvement projects to both renovate and decorate any room in your house to give your space a fresh look without breaking the bank. When you’re especially interested in cheap ideas you can tackle in a weekend, work through this collection of design ideas to add some DIY decor to your living space without a problem.

  • Install a Chandelier in Your Laundry Room

    You can add a touch of elegance to one of the most ordinary rooms in your home by putting up a chandelier above the area where you do laundry.

  • Transform a Closet into a Home Office

    When you’re in need of a cozy place to sit down and get some work done, you can get comfortable in your closet turned work space.

  • Build a Kitchen Soap Dispenser

    You can replace your plastic bottle of dish soap with a built-in soap dispenser to make your the counters more appealing in your kitchen.

  • Organize Your Work Bench

    With an orderly work bench at your disposal, you’ll be able to handle any DIY project with ease, so make cleaning your space once and for all a priority.

  • Replace Your House Numbers

    You can revamp your curb appeal in an afternoon when you commit to making small changes like buying new numbers for the front of your house.

  • Set Up a New Mailbox

    While you’re installing your latest set of house numbers, you can also get a new mailbox for your door to enhance your front entrance.

  • Opt for Dimmable Lights

    You can transform any dining area into an energy-saving environment when you apply lights you can dim to set the mood during every meal.

  • Paint Your Front Door

    For the homeowners who want fast a way to increase the curb appeal of their properties, you can give your front door a vibrant paint job.

  • Set Up a New Door Bell

    You can enhance your home’s curb appeal further by making other changes to the front of your home, so try putting a new doorbell on your porch.

  • Put Up Hooks in Your Kitchen

    If you’re looking for a place to store your dish towels and cooking utensils, you can keep them on hand by installing hooks throughout your cooking space.

These simple home projects you can do without any power tools are easy ways to integrate DIY decor into your home, especially if you’re a fan of home improvement on a budget. Whether or not you’re planning to make more costly changes to your living space this year, you can start small by revamping one part of your house at a time with help from this list. You’ll love the feeling that comes after making a few quick changes to create a prettier space, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more about home improvement today.