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Cardiff By The Sea, commonly referred to as simply Cardiff by locals, is a picturesque and charming beach side community located in Encinitas, California. The community borders Solana Beach to the south and Encinitas on its east and north borders, with water surrounding everywhere else (The Pacific Ocean to the west, and a beach and a lagoon to the south). The community has a very small population (less than 12,000), which contributes to its charm and small town appeal.

Cardiff got its name in the early 20th century, when the community began being developed from a former farming community. The developer, J. Frank Cullen, began breaking ground to build new homes on the land, and he named the community after his wife, who was a native of Cardiff, Wales. Cullen’s wife persuaded him to give the street names of Cardiff British names, such as Birmingham, Chesterfield, Oxford, Manchester, and more. This was a stark contrast to the surrounding areas, which were heavily influenced by the Spanish culture.

Today, Cardiff residents enjoy many outdoor activities and several well-known spots for local surfers, such as Cardiff Reef and Swami’s. Cardiff Reef, often referred to as simply “The Reef,” is a local spot popular with both professional and amateur surfers that can be enjoyed all year round. Surfing at this spot dates back to the 1950s, when just a few surfers knew about it. Today, it is one of the most popular spots to surf in all of San Diego County.

Living in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Although the community is small, there is no shortage of activities to see and do in Cardiff By The Sea. You won’t want to miss the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. Once you’re finished there, head over to the Eli Howard Surf School, and learn how to ride the waves like a pro. Surfing is notorious for working up an appetite; so once you’re finished with your lesson, grab a friend and head to one of the locally owned restaurants along the beach for a great lunch. Finish out the day shopping in one of the locally owned boutiques, and you’ve had a full and eventful day.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

With all that Cardiff By The Sea has to offer, it comes as no surprise to learn of the high demand for real estate in the community. Due to its popularity and relatively small size, it is no secret that the demand for real estate here continues to grow. With hefty price tags, real estate here can often sell for more than $600 per square foot, and both the median listing price and median selling price are more than $1 million. However, take heart — the median sales price is roughly $200,000 less than the median asking price, meaning that you have some flexibility and negotiating power as a buyer in today’s real estate market.

If you have any questions about Cardiff By The Sea, or if you would like to search the homes available in the area, feel free to call us or connect with our team today.

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