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Affordable ways to improve your yard

Toddler boy and his mother watering plants in the garden

A little bit of landscaping can go a long way into beautifying your home and adding to its value. The only problem is that remodeling your home’s exterior can sometimes be a lot of hard work and cost a lot of money.

Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise. You don’t need big bucks to improve your curb appeal. All you need is a little inspiration.

Here’s a list of easy and affordable ways to improve your yard.

  • Get creative with unexpected materials

    Take a good look at what you already have lying around your home. They can be used as design elements or building materials. Think of wood scraps and metals like corrugated steel and copper.

    Found items like old furniture, antiques or vintage items, and even boxes can become eye-catching accents when thoughtfully placed in your yard.. Brass and copper items also make for artful design features.

    Remember not to go overboard, though – unless that’s the look you’re going for. Find a good balance that suits your taste and personality.

  • Go for fuss-free plants

    Growing plants that require little maintenance is especially useful for those who can’t tend their garden regularly.

    Evergreens provide color year round. Common boxwood evergreens are great for all types of hedges. They can keep their rich green color and shape even in winter. Plus, you don’t need to worry about falling leaves.

    Perennial flowers bloom year after year unlike annual flowers which last for only one season. Great looking perennials for today’s styles include alliums, baptisia, buddleia, coneflower, kangaroo paw, sage, and veronica.

    Drought-tolerant plants can have many interesting shapes and don’t need a lot of water. Great examples include the honey mesquite, gray desert spoon, creosote bush, potentilla, and Adam’s needle.

    You can head to your local growers and wholesale suppliers to get better prices on plants or you could ask your friends for clippings of ornamental plants. You can also mix soil with homemade compost to cut down on plant care costs.

  • DIY it

    The internet has hundreds of easy, affordable, and enjoyable DIY projects you can take on.

    For example, paint can transform old boxes, pots, and cans into artful planters. You can even use an old tub.

    If you have extra pavers and ground covers but don’t have enough to make a full path, turn them into stepping stones. Lay them down in a geometric pattern to make things more interesting. Plant moss or stonecrops like creeping sedum between the seams for contrast.

    You can also use gravel in spots where there is heavy foot traffic to create durable, low-maintenance paths. It adds a modern architectural feel to your yard.

  • Light up your yard

    Go for the unusual and inexpensive. Use waterproof rope lighting to demarcate your garden or highlight a special spot.

    Pots, too, can be coated with glow-in-the-dark paint. No need to turn anything on when dusk settles.

    If sunlight hits your wooden fence, drill holes into them and insert marbles to speckle your yard with pretty colored lights. You can use multicolored marbles, opt for monochrome, or choose complementary or contrasting colors for the effect you want to achieve.