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6 ways to turn your garage into a functional space

Interior garage with tools, equipment and wheels. 3d illustration.

Most of us will probably admit that we don’toften think about our garages. It’s where the car goes –and the occasional bit of householdclutter –but apart from that, the garage doesn’t really register as one of the more interesting parts of the house. It’s time for a rethink. Your garage can be a fully functional living space– and once you see the possibilities, you’ll never lookat it the same way again.

Think your garage can be something more? Here’s how you can turn it into a space for relaxation, creativity, working out, and more.

Designing your new living space

The size, shape, and location of your garage is the biggest factor to consider when designing your new living space. This will impact important details such as how the insulation, heating, cooling, lighting, and flooring will be installed, what kind of storage can be built, and so on.

Are there household items currently stored in your garage?You’ll have to decide where to put them. You could make room inside the house or build a small shed.Or you could take this as an opportunity to finally get started on decluttering.

Once you have the basics sorted out, you can start thinking of what you want to turn your garage into. Here are 6 ideas for your garage conversion:

  • An extra room

    Getting a comfortable look in your bedroom

    Converting your garage into another bedroom is a great idea if you are a large family or if you often have guests staying over. You could also go the extra mile and turn it into a full-fledged granny flat by adding an en-suite bathroom and a kitchenette.

  • Gym/yoga studio

    Modern room with gym equipment

    Why pay for a gym when you can build your own at home? You get to pick out your preferred fitness equipment and you can work out whenever you want!

  • Office space

    Spacious modern study home office

    Create the work environment that suits you best. Install windows so that you get plenty of natural light. And don’t forget to set up office essentials such as a WiFirouter and easily accessible electrical outlets.

  • Playroom

    Getting a comfortable look in your bedroom

    Give your little ones their own play area by transforming your garage into the playroom of their dreams. Placing rubber play mats and child gates will give them a safe space to run and play without getting injured.

  • Home theater/entertainment center

    Home TV movie theater entertainment room interior

    Take your family movie nights to a whole other level with your own home theater. Add comfortable couches, bean bags, an LCD screen, surround sound, and a small fridge for drinks and snacks.

  • A hobby room

    Paintbrushes in jars in art studio

    Turn your garage into a space that caters to your passion. If you’re awine enthusiast, you could build a custom wine cellar. Artistic, craftsy or mechanically minded? You can now have the studio/creative space/workshop you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are endless!

Heads up!

Before you startthinking about transforming your garage, find out first if you can actually do a garage conversion. Some communities have restrictions on converting garages into living spaces.

You will also need a permit. If you’ve already decided on the garage conversion that you want, check with your city’s planning department to find out what changes are allowed and what the regulations are.

Knowing what you can and can’t do will make the whole process easier.

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